Canine Healing Salve

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  • Canine Healing Salve Works to Heal:
    • Hotspots
    • Bites
    • Rashes
    • Minor Burns & Irritations
  • Decreases Healing Time
  • Helps to Minimize Scar Tissue
  • This Healing Salve is
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Antibacterial
    • Anti-Fungal
    • Anti-Septic


Product Description

Canine Healing Salve works well for healing hotspots, bites, rashes, minor burns and irritations. It helps to decrease healing time and to help minimize scar tissue. This healing salve is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic and applies to all areas easily. What’s applied to the skin gets absorbed into the body. This salve contains no harmful ingredients. Please note: Do not use over sutures

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4 oz Salve


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