Canine & Feline Calm

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  • Made Using Only Certified Organic Herbs
  • Works Directly with the Central Nervous System to Calm Nerves from Over-stimulation
  • Works Well for Stressful Situations like:
    • Groomer and Veterinary Visits
    • Doggie Daycare
    • Thunderstorms
    • Travel
    • Holidays
    • Moving
    • Sports Activities
  • Sizes available
    • 3.25 oz (75 tsp) Powder
    • 2 fl oz (2000 drops) Liquid

Product Description

Canine & Feline Calm is a certified organic herbal formula that helps to calm hyperactivity, tension and anxiousness in dogs and cats alike. All organic herbs are extracted in organic grain alcohol (GF), blended and the excess alcohol is decocted and raw honey is added for absorbability and palatability. Helps to keep your pet calm and relaxed during separation, grooming, vet visits, travel, daily tension and thunderstorms. Support for the central nervous system. Promotes relaxation, balanced behavior and reduced hyperactivity.


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