LifeFORCE Raw Air-Dried Food – Ontario


Animal Wellness is celebrating its Ontario roots!

We are pleased to present LifeFORCE – an amazing food line that combines the benefits of species appropriate raw nutrition, with the convenience of a kibble. LifeFORCE is made with fresh meats and vegetables in small batches, and is air dried at room temperature to preserve its natural goodness. Just add water, let it rehydrate for 15 minutes, and watch your dog or cat gobble it up!

LifeFORCE offers a variety of healthy choices – and you’ll save 20% on your first bag of any size just because you live in Ontario!

Choose from Beef, Chicken or Lamb, either grain-free or with either oatmeal or brown rice.

“Bailey has more energy, is happier, his dry skin and itchy toes have gone away and his coat is super shiny!“

L.R. Collins, Ontario


Raw Diet = Optimal Health

It is common knowledge that a raw diet is the most optimal way to maintaining good health in our pets. By not cooking or freeze drying their food we ensure that all of the beneficial nutrients, enzymes and amino acids are intact, delivering pure nutritional energy that we call the LifeFORCE.


The Easiest Way to Feed Raw!


We use only the best hormone and antibiotic free human grade protein sources as well as the freshest fruits, vegetables and essential fatty acids for a complete diet.

For ingredient details, visit our Ingredient Guide!
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