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Who We Are and What We Do

When we launched the Animal Wellness Magazine almost 20 years ago, we believed it would be the beginning of an incredible journey – a journey of compassion, learning and sharing. We were not disappointed! As we traveled to shows, spoke with thousands of people about integrative health and spread the word about Animal Wellness, an amazing thing happened. We found our message resonated with more people than we thought possible. As we reached out to people, they reached back, with wonderful stories about how much they enjoyed the magazine and how it had assisted them in helping animals.

As part of the next chapter in our journey we are excited to reach out to you, our passionate Animal Wellness Rescue Shelter Ambassadors, in order to help you earn more money to save more animals lives.


Why Should You Register with the AW Rescue Shelter Ambassador Program?

Are you looking for innovative ways to earn more money for your rescue or shelter? Do you appreciate high quality natural products for pets? If you answered yes to both these questions, then the RSA Program is perfect for you.

The RSA program is a great and easy way to earn extra money for helping out those beautiful animals before they find their forever home. Just use your website, social media programs, fundraising events or mailers to earn up to 25% commission on all AW Market product sales that use your Ambassador Code or link through your website. We provide you with all the information, education, social media info, memes, blogs and images to make you look like a natural health expert.

3 Goals of the Ambassador Program

  • Raise money for your organization
  • Save more animals lives
  • Create awareness of wellness issues

No inventory required. No cost to you. Start earning money today!


How It Works

It is our goal to help more animal across North America. Using your promo code, we will donate 25% of proceeds from all LifeFORCE products purchased on the Animal Wellness Market, and 10% of proceeds from the other great brands featured. As well, for every subscription or single issue purchased of Animal Wellness Magazine we will donate 25% of the proceeds to your organization.

We will give you promotional materials for you to share digitally to help make your campaign a success, and we will continue to stay in touch to help you each step of the way. We encourage you to share testimonials and success stores for us to post on our website and social media. It is our ultimate goal to watch your organization grow and continue saving precious lives. **

Apply today and we will send you the AW Rescue Shelter Ambassador kit with your own unique Promo Code. We’ll also sign you up for a FREE subscription to Animal Wellness.


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