LifeFORCE Essential Oil Halter Diffuser

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Looking for a way to keep the flies from bugging your horse? With the LifeFORCE Silicone Halter Diffuser, your horse can stay bug free anywhere and everywhere! Bug repellent essential oils for horses have never been so convenient…or so stylish!

Comes in 4 colours: Blue, Pink, Purple and Green.


How To Use

Step1 DRIP! Drip 1-2 drops of your LifeFORCE Nature Horse essential oil blend directly onto the absorbent tablet.
Step2 SLIP! Slip the tablet inside the specially designed pocket on the back of the Halter Diffuser.
Step3 CLIP! Clip onto your horses’s halter. Now your horse is ready to enjoy essential oils on the go and in style!
Caution: Not for use with cats.


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