Home Alone!

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  • Helps to increase patience, calmness & independence
  • Relieves fears & worries associated with separation-anxiety, new adoptions, old friends, emergencies & rescues
  • Helps when adjusting to change, overcoming phobias & fears
  • Loud-noise phobias like thunderstorms, traffic & machinery can be overcome within weeks
  • For use on dogs, cats & horses
  • Entirely plant-based with no side effects
  • Made without any chemicals
  • 2 oz Spray


Product Description

Relieve fears and worries associated with separation-anxiety FOREVER! This is the exact blend successfully used post-Katrina on hundreds of animals suffering from the devastating experience of being separated from their families and all things familiar.

Even if your animals are never actually ‘home alone’ you can use this blend to help ADJUST TO CHANGE and OVERCOME PHOBIAS and FEARS. Nervousness and insecurity can have devastating effects on the overall well-being of any animal. Being unable to calm themselves down, some destroy property, forget where the litter box is located, bark like crazy, hide, drool or pant excessively.

Loud-noise phobias like thunderstorms, traffic, and machinery can be overcome within weeks -no matter how many years ago the fears manifested. Essences address the cause of the problem. Promise you the vast majority of fear-based behaviors will disappear PERMANENTLY.

This does not replace medical treatment.

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2 oz

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  1. 5 out of 5


    My lab developed severe phobias of loud noises such as thunder storms when she was around 2 years old. We tried Blackwing Farms Drama Trauma and Confidence and were amazed at the change in her. The behavior went from her whining/jumping, panting pacing and generally driving us crazy at the first drop of rain to simple alertness. It stopped 99% of the behavior. She is still aware of the thunder but would just sit next to us alert and not stressed out. This is to me an amazing change as we lived for years with her panic and tried many other things to stop the behavior. I would recommend any of Blackwing Farms products. We also used one called Comfort for a cat we had who terrorized all the other animals in the house for two years. As a last ditch effort I sprayed some on the bed the animals use to sleep on, having no confidence it would work but came around the corner a couple hours later and all four cats were asleep on the bed and we had no problems after that. We only had to use that 1 one time. Great stuff!

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