Happy Hour

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  • Helps to increase trust, focus, confidence & friendliness
  • Will bring out their best behavior in public, home, groomers, trainers, or doggie park
  • For use on dogs, cats & horses
  • Entirely plant-based with no side effects
  • Made without any chemicals
  • 2 oz Spray


Product Description

Need a Happy Hour? Or more? While Traveling? At the Groomers? Training? Walking? With visitors in your house? This blend will do it all and the improvement is permanent.

Animals better accept what is going on at the present time and not react from old confusing or negative experiences. They will listen better and do as you ask. It may be a good idea to use a new word or sound to go with the new behavior. Why? Because the old words are associated with the old, problematic behaviors. If you have been saying ‘quit’ ‘stop’ ‘uhuh’ then try using ‘leave it’ ‘don’t’ or ‘please.’

There will be a moment in the beginning where you see their “Pause Button” immediately mark that new behavior using the new word or sound. Continue to build on the positive. Make their happiness the reward.

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2 oz


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