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  • Helps to create a willingness & capacity to learn
  • #1 best seller for training troubles
  • Hugely successful for dogs & horses
  • For use on dogs, cats & horses
  • Entirely plant-based with no side effects
  • Made without any chemicals
  • 2 oz Spray


Product Description

#1 seller for training troubles hugely successful for dogs and horses. Animals are able to accomplish great feats if they have the ability to focus on the task at hand. Hyper-focused, obsessed by objects, negative habits, faulty thinking are replaced with a little help from this remedy. Creates a willingness and capacity to learn where none existed. For dogs, cats, and horses.

“I can’t say enough about BlackWing Farms’ Remedies!!! I had been struggling for almost two years to get my Warmblood to understand and accept the principles of dressage. I discovered FOCUS and started adding it to his feed. Within two weeks I was getting the same results from him as my instructor!!! I am thrilled!” D. Houson – Escondido, California

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2 oz


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