Canine Ear Cleanser

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  • Groomer Recommended
  • Made Using Solar Infused Wild Harvested Herb Oils
  • Soothing to Pets Ears
  • Heals Itching & Irritation from Seasonal Allergies, Mites & Bug Bites
  • Clears Most Bacterial, Viral & Fungal Infections


Product Description

The herbs in Canine Ear Cleanser are soothing it helps to heal itching and irritation from seasonal allergies, mites and bug bites. It will clear most bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Much more than just a cleanser, it heals and smells wonderful!

This botanical cleanser is made using solar infused wild harvested herb oils, the center of the Certified Organic Aloe leaf and Certified Organic essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree, Black Walnut Extract. Chickweed is a drawing agent, meaning it will draw impurities within the ear canal; St. John’s Wort is a nervine, (soothes inflamed nerve endings) as well as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial for soothing as well as healing.

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4 oz Liquid


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