Barron’s Pet Owner Manual – Kittens

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This manual’s advice covers virtually all feline-related topics, including nutritious feeding, health care, the pros and cons of neutering, much more. This new title in Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals series advises and instructs current and soon-to-be pet owners and fish keepers on all aspects of animal care. Filled with color photos and useful line art, all books in this series present information on housing, feeding, health care, the title animal’s traits—and where applicable, on grooming, training, and breeding. Many of the nearly 200 titles in Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals series focus on dogs and cats of many different breeds. Other titles are written for owners of birds and mammals that are suitable as pets. Aquarium and terrarium hobbyists will also find titles that advise on care of different fish, reptile, and amphibian species. Each book in the series is written by an expert trainer, breeder, veterinarian, or other animal specialist.


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