Bach RESCUE Remedy® Pet

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Whatever stresses out your pets, RESCUE® Remedy Pet can calm them down, naturally. For over 80 years, RESCUE® Remedy has been recommended by veterinarians and pet owners alike.


    • Eases Fear

    • Helps Treat Behavioral Issues

    • Calms Pets During Thunderstorms

    • Great for Vet Visits

    • Perfect for Car Rides

    • Comforts Separation Anxiety


Product Description

Bach RESCUE Remedy® Pet has been used on animals for more than 80 years and is 100% safe! It works wonders for animals that are impatient, fearful, have been through a traumatic situation, have fear of thunder and fireworks or do not feel themselves. Animals have emotions too. They feel fear, anger, jealousy,  depression, happiness and joy just like us.The Bach Flower Remedies are able to help our animals when they have negative emotions just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance. Unfortunately, we are not able to ask our pet why it acts depressed, but we do know if it misses a friend or gets overly excited around new people and that is how we select the correct remedies for our animals.

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10 ml Bottle


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